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Llandeilo is a hive of trendy independent shops, a great place to while away a few hours, but it’s also an excellent touring base with the Gower and Pembrokeshire coasts both within reach.


There are 23 individually furnished bedrooms and two indulgent penthouse apartments.

"LLANDILO-VAWR (LLAN-DEILO-FAWR), a parish (and the head of a union), comprising the market town and liberties of Llandilo-Vawr, and the hamlets of Maenor-Deilo-vabon, Taliaris, and Tiîr Esgob with Rhôs-maen, in the lower division of the hundred of PERVERTH; the hamlets of Cwm-Garw-Llwyd, Maenor-Deilo Upper, Maenor-Deilo Lower, and Tâch Lenan with Rhiw-Llâs, in the lower division of the hundred of CAYO; and the hamlets of Bryn-y-Beirdd, Glyn-Aman, Pentrêv Cwn, Trêcastell, and Trêgib, in the hundred of ISCENNEN, county of CARMARTHEN, SOUTHWALES; containing 5471 inhabitants, of which number, 1313 are in the town and liberties of Llandilo-Vawr, 15 miles (E.

The TOWN is beautifully situated on an eminence rising from the right bank of the river Towy .

The kitchen focuses on flavour and portions befitting a healthy appetite.


They bake daily, meats are smoked in house, the pasta is hand made, and we can recommend the triple cooked chips.

It comprises about 26,000 acres, of which 5200 are arable, 13,000 pasture, 1300 woodland .


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