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“He is allowed a couple of hours of video-game time on the weekend, when homework is done,” Hurst wrote.

Despite having begun my freshman year as he began his senior one, and despite my being delayed by a yearlong leave of absence, I ended up graduating two years ahead of him. He did finally graduate, and today he works as a data scientist.As a demographic, they had replaced the lost work time with playtime spent gaming. Technology, through automation, had reduced the employment rate of these men by reducing demand for what Hurst referred to as “lower-skilled” labor.He proposed that by creating more vivid and engrossing gaming experiences, technology also increased the subjective value of leisure relative to labor.I am positive he wouldn’t shower.” My freshman year, I lived next door to Y, a senior majoring in management science and engineering whose capacity to immerse himself in the logic of any game and master it could only be described as exceptional.


(This skill wasn’t restricted to electronic games, either: He also played chess competitively.) Y was far and away the most intrepid gamer I’d ever met; he was also an unfailingly kind person.He schooled me in let me fiddle around on the Play Station 2 he kept in his room while he worked or played on his PC.


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