Jerry maguire quotes dating single mom senior dating senior personals

He asks who will come with him, and no one says anything.He says it is embarrassing and asks Wendy who says she is three months away from a pay increase.He offers to help and points to him on the luggage conveyor. She thanks him and says she loved his memo and calls it revolutionary.She likes the part about embracing the virginal and forcing commerce to give a little back for the greater good.He says they don’t have to tell each other everything.At a table they sit in the nude and eat strawberries. Some criticize him for lacking intimacy or lying; others say they love him.She asks if he called their house, and Bob stays out and closes the door.


At a Miami conference Jerry says he had a breakthrough. He remembers that his mentor Dicky Fox told him the key is personal relationships. He takes it in to make copies with the title “The Things We Think and Do Not Say: The Future of Our Business.” He puts a copy in the mail box of everyone in the company.

In the office Dorothy learns that Maguire was fired. Rod asks him to show him the money, and he jumps up and down. ” and “I love black people.” Rod says he is still his agent and hangs up.


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