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Jewellery is also common, and some pieces are exquisite - notably the finely made gold torcs.

La Tene designwork, found on a wide range of objects is more mature and more complex.

In 1885, after a series of sporadic investigations, the the Société d'Histoire of Neuchâtel agreed to complete the excavations.

In total, more than 2,500 items have been recovered.

The earlier Hallstatt civilization was centred along the Upper Danube in Austria.


Over the next two centuries, from 450 to 200 BCE, La Tene culture accompanied a number of militaristic Celtic invasions into southern France and northern Italy, and through the Balkans as far as Macedonia and Greece.Not surprisingly, given the militaristic nature of the culture, most of the objects were weapons, including more than 150 swords (mostly unused), nearly 300 spear-heads, and 22 shield plates.Other items included 400 brooches, as well as tools and other implements.Grave sites become more elaborate and opulent, in keeping with greater prosperity among the chieftains and other high officials, and more goldwork is evident.

On the other hand, the culture was more militaristic and its burial sites reveal an abundance of swords, spearheads, shields and protective armour, as well as everyday items such as cauldrons, yokes, and razors.

Also, one should note that a fair amount of La Tene culture was spread not by the sword but through cultural transfer on foot of trade.


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