Backdating deeds

Although a deed cannot be registered at the Land Registry a restriction can be entered on the title to the property to protect the terms of a deed.

A deed is suitably protected when joint owners of property hold the property as tenants in common, this will ensure that a suitable Form A Restriction is placed on the title register of the property at the Land Registry.

Only one deed is required, once this has been executed you can make certified copies of it for use by each party, this can be done by attending a local high street Soicitor who will stamp the copies for you for a nominal cost (usually around £10 – £15).

A cohabitation agreement is a form of legal agreement reached between a couple (usually) who have chosen to live together.


Please note that if you require any amendments to the deed after it has been sent to you we will be happy to do this for you until you are entirely satisfied with the deed. The deed itself cannot be registered at the Land Registry, you should store it in a safe place and we will also keep a copy on file for a minimum of 6 years.

We use a variety of appropriate clauses in the construction of each deed we prepare making every deed unique.

The clauses used in the deed itself are in a legally proven format.

If you wish to learn more about this type of restriction please contact us and we will be happy to provide further information.

A Form B Restriction may be more appropriate in your circumstances and we will be able to advise you if this is the case on closer examination of your circumstances.

We assist in the completion of the application to the Land Registry at no cost to you!


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