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I would not know either quite what brilliant, generous and loving friends and family I have.' Jez added that the pair had been getting advice from professionals for the past month and had found 'incredible breakthroughs' being made in European clinics involving alternative medicine and modern treatments.

But, asking for donations, he added: 'The downside is these treatments are expensive.

What’s more, the park contains some seriously impressive Lego recreations of major landmarks including Canary Wharf and Trafalgar Square, the latter of which is so incredibly detailed, it even includes Lego pigeons.

Guests also have the opportunity to get involved and build some of their own Lego creations.

For toddlers who aren’t quite dexterous enough for proper Lego, there is a DUPLO-themed area, where the larger, easier-to-use DUPLO bricks are made available.

This beloved theme park is full of thrilling heart-in-mouth rides that often prove to be just as exhilarating for adults as they are for children.

Whether you are planning dinner with friends or Sunday lunch with family, Located on the Nine Mile Ride, an 18th century bridleway created for Queen Anne, the Golden Retriever is a charming thatched pub surrounded by countryside near Swinley Forest. There’s always a great reason to visit your local Vintage Inn.

Throughout the week we run Fixed Price Lunch and Dinner menus, Monday – Friday, and as a midweek treat you can now enjoy Pie Wednesdays!

At the weekend you can enjoy special prices on sparkling wine on Fizz Friday or a delicious 3-course Steak Supper on Saturday.

And between the 9th and 17th February we’ll be running a special 3 course Valentine's menu - the perfect treat for your loved ones.It is hoped she will now be able to afford treatment at the private Hallwang clinic, which costs between £9,000 and £27,000 a week, with the average stay lasting three to four weeks.


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