Android weather channel widget not updating

This last panel estimates the delays for both arriving and departing flights, and it automatically detects nearby airports.I'd like to see a little more customization in the last panel, and it seems so useful that, again, I'm disappointed it's buried so deep.Of course, if you don't fly often, it's not a big deal.And that is exactly why a customizable layout would help.That said, you can view traffic data on radar maps, which is helpful.A quick note about location: during my testing, the app persistently reported my location as Long Island City, which is nowhere near PCMag, which is where I was testing. Weirdly, the radar feature did correctly geolocate my position.Perhaps The Weather Channel has some peculiar views on New York geography.The developers tell me this issue will soon be addressed.


Radar Map Though the Weather Channel app looks dramatically different, its radar map appears nearly identical to that of the previous version.The Weather Channel also includes a lot of banner ads, which seem to slow it down.


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