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Yuan Li Shu seems to be in a very good mood, but Shan Shan always feels she looks at her in a strange way, as if sneering at her.After a full three hours of shopping, Miss Feng seems to have bought enough so she calls the driver to pick her up.After a while, the driver calls back and says there is a car accident blocking traffic so he cannot make it.Feng Yue is unhappy as she does not like to take a taxi.I am going to go shopping in the afternoon to buy clothes for the baby.I will call Li Shu along.” Hence, the three people meet in a certain shopping mall.She soon made a correct judgment that there is certainly a problem between the couple.

That time with Da Hua, if not Feng Teng took the initiative to mention it, she reckons that she would not tell Da Hua …… Four days later, grandpa Xue is discharged from the hospital.

She has always look down on Xue Shan Shan so she naturally feels Feng Teng thinks Xue Shan Shan is not good enough for him.


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