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Although Stolpe made fairly accurate drawings of the different graves, textiles was not considered to be important at the time, and was omitted from the drawings.

The textile fragments were later analysed by Agnes Geijer (in 1938) and reanalysed by Inga Hägg (in 19).

Grave 905 contained a skeleton and various metal artefacts. the skeleton was osteologically determined as male.

Among these were two bronze hooks shaped as animal heads, found in a position just below the knees. Eine im Birkamaterial ganz einzig dastehende Erscheinung ist ein Paar tierkopfförmiger Bronzehaken, die wir versuchsweise Gamaschenschlüsse nennen wollen.

Für die Körperbestattungen einmalig sind die Bronzehaken des Grabes Bj 905, die dem Plan nach an den Waden, gleich unter der Kniekehle lagen.

The bronze hooks were then hooked into some kind of linen garment that would have reached just below the knees.

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