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Some psychologists, however, believe face-to-face contact to be more beneficial.

Lillian Lomofsky, an Educational Psychologists of Oakdale practice says she believes that there are more benefits in to face-to-face therapy, as the relationship between the therapist and client is more meaningful and possibly stronger when there is personal contact such as eye contact and meditational interaction.

In the case of technical issues or power failure, telephone conversations can be used, but only as an emergency backup.

“We are also available on mobile which makes it easy for smart phone users to have access.


More therapy and talking among ourselves can only be a good and healthy thing.” According to Waumsley they depend quite a lot on Skype, but they also make use of Google which has a video chat programme available.The science of drinking wine Here’s how vaping can cause cancer 'IV lounges' are the latest health fad, but are they safe?


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