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That being the case, the evolution of castle design in England, in general, depends upon when the individual edifices were originally built and in what times they were reconstructed.An added complexity is that some of these castles cannot be classified and each century brought forth something new, architecturally.They took their cue from the Romans who carried dismantled sections of their siege engines through the use of mule-trains.It was only when time permitted that Norman lords under William the Conqueror built in stone and that also depended on whether material was available or not.An example would be at in Dorset is a massive and impressive multivallate military earthwork.These can be found all over England and it has been determined that at least 1,420 existed south of the line of Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland with the highest concentration of them along the southern portion and on the south coast with the largest in land mass existing in the Southeast.York and Chester are two large examples and there are remains still evident today for visitors to see.



Castles built outside of the urban centers were most likely privately held castles which was controlled, on and off, by the current Crowned Head of each era.

It is interesting that the Norman invasion took advantage of this complex of roads and in some cases built over Roman forts or defenses which were invariably rectangular.



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