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you’ve made me chase YOU into the streets to get you back on the sidewalk!you’ve made me replace upholstery that you mistook for a blank canvas (though, in all fairness, it does kind of look like a blank canvas) you’ve reduced me to tears whenever i witness you in pain. thank you for all of the extra sunrises I’ve been able to witness. thank you for giving me a believable excuse to watch lion king and ninja turtles and paw patrol (i really do love them :)…) thank you for making my trailer feel like more than just “a place i go to work”.Post Father’s Day Thoughts by Jared Padalecki dear tom, shep, and odette, i realize fathers day was supposed to be about…. but, as the “father” in this relationship, i wanted to change things up a bit.

"And one of my pet peeves is when someone interrupts me when I'm reading ...Jared and his co-star Jensen Ackles have generally kept their private lives away from extensive media scrutiny, so we were surprised to see them give viewers a glimpse into even a (very) fictionalized version of their lives.“It was fun to go ‘Hey, we’re going to bring your wife back, because Gen played Ruby in Season 4, so to bring her back as herself.I was like, ‘Hey baby, would you be up for coming back to ‘Supernatural?By the end of Season 4, Ruby had manipulated Sam’s demon side into breaking the final seal and starting the apocalypse.

Dean kills Ruby immediately after, ending their short lived onscreen romance.“No, I do not have a tanning bed in my house,” Jared confirms. I look like I haven’t been outside in thirty years…


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