Galaxy s3 email not updating

If you are changing the option regarding when you can send out messages from your device, understand you will need to change the password on your entire email account so you will be able to send/receive easily.

See more questions like this: First it's an LG phone.

I have successfully gone through all the steps, including entering my email address and NEW password.

When I then click "Next," it tells me I have already used this email address and won't let me go further. What I want to do is keep my original email address but put in a new password. This is because you must remove the email first before you try to change your password, go to your website where you email was created and first change the password there before entering your email address back into your device. Select your account from the side menu where it will be displayed 4. This could be happening because you have synchronized your email accounts.

My AOL password is working fine on it, but I have forgotten what it is, and password no longer works on my laptop.

I need to be able to read the actual password on the phone, so I can get a laptop and my new tablet to work as well I can delete emails on my phone, but they won't be deleted on my desktop when I log in there - same for when I delete from desktop, emails are still on my phone - I am constantly deleting emails I already read or do not want!

The trash can/trash bin icon on the top right corner of Settings is still there.For those users who do not have a Gmail account, there are other options, although it is recommended to use a Gmail account with the S3 Email App or official Gmail App for a hassle free experience.Some ISP's offer a similar functionality in your mail account setup as the steps listed above. For those looking for a full featured mail app with such settings built in, just search "email" in the Google Play Store and find an app that interests you or try out the top rated Mail Droid or K-9 Mail.I discovered today that one of my 3 email accounts are not updating, the other 2 are fine. To try to fix it i deleted the a/c on my Samsung A3, then found that it would not let me add it again, it just says "Cannot safely connect to server "What does that mean, and what what can i do to get it working again ?

These days most people don't just work on the computer; they also work using other gadgets like tablets and mobile phones.

If you want to retrieve a deleted email account, you need to have Android Data Recovery software.


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