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Before the Britney video, I had a following a year prior so I just continued doing what I've always done. The video was posted nine years ago, what are your memories from that time and how did it affect your life?The times around the Britney video were a dark period.Except it wasn't — she was going through a mental breakdown from a lifetime of media exposure, and Crocker was fucking right, we should have left her alone! "If you want to say that I have white guilt because I speak up against racist pieces of shit and double standards, and because I say that black lives matter and because I speak up against Trump's bullshit on the regular, then yeah, I got white guilt all day long," Crocker says in the video.Watching the #SOTU makes me feel confident I could go on the Fear Factor TV show.How I look now is not how I will look in the future.


We cannot claim to be One Nation Under God, yet fail to see that all of us on earth are his children. #No Dream No Deal — Chris Crocker (@Chris Crocker) January 20, 2018 I believe all tanning salons as well as coffee shops should be 24/7.

Spiders crawling on me would be more comfortable and luxurious, compared to listening to this pandering BS.

— Chris Crocker (@Chris Crocker) January 31, 2018 And yes there was a government shutdown under Obama, BUT not one year after his inauguration. Republicans currently hold House, Senate, and WH…..

My appearance is the last thing my audience watches me for.


I'm usually looking a mess talking about real life topics, not being attractive in the least.

As President I would make this happen by hiring thousands of robots.


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    That said, most of the suggestions could be applied to those with porn addiction or porn-induced fetishes.

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    First, there is no tethering or hotspot with the unlimited plan.

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    Early humans in East Africa used hammerstones to strike stone cores and produce sharp flakes.

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