Xbmc apple tv library not updating Adult german sex video chat

Tim Cook took the stage and said "The future of TV is apps".

He also stated that the Apple TV needed a modern OS.

I am using tvdb scraper so it could be an issue with that.

So i have recently ran into a weird issue with xbmc 9.11 in which its not updating certain shows into my library.

i have all my shows in the same format: E:\Tv Shows\TV Show Name\Season X\tvshowname.s XXe XX.(avi/etc) For example, The Office and Sons of Anarchy show up as a selection under the library, but when you click on them there is nothing there. True Blood shows me Seasons 1 and 2 and all the episodes, but Season 3 doesnt appear at all even though the file is there.

I have tried completely deleting XBMC using Revo Uninstaller so all traces were removed.

reinstalled, it finds all movies fine, and even updated when i added a new movie, tv shows updated, but still failed to find the shows i have detailed here. My library has all the .nfo's and tbn's that have been exported by xbmc previously on Camelot builds, so I know they library can be scanned properly.Upon launch, there were several unexpected issues which included incompatibility with Apple's Remote app for i OS and watch OS, NBCUniversal released a trio of applications to the tv OS App Store on May 27, 2016, enabling those with a satellite, cable or fiber television to log in to watch live and on-demand content via the Syfy, E!



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