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In the case of the Palestinian Authority (PA) elections held in January 2005, the standards were higher.These were advertised as an example of democracy and, compared to other Arab states, the voting was a considerable advancement toward free elections.The election process went smoothly and, despite Palestinian predictions of Israeli interference, international observers reported that Palestinians were not obstructed by Israel from participating in the election.In fact, Palestinian and Israeli officials were said to have worked well together to facilitate voting.MYTH FACT The purpose of the security fence is the prevention of terror.Its route has been carefully plotted to maximize the security it provides to the citizens of Israel and minimize the inconvenience and harm to Palestinians.The independent study focuses solely on discrediting the PA statistics and does not address the crucial issue of future trends, which Della Pergola shows are clearly in the Arabs’ favor.


The deputy chairman of the Committee, Ammar Dwaik, said he “was personally threatened and pressured” and confirmed that some voters were able to remove from their thumbs the ink that was supposed to prevent double voting.

The Jewish population is roughly 5.2 million or 57 percent, slightly better than Della Pergola’s estimate of 51 percent.

These overall statistics also distort the debate over the disengagement from Gaza where the demographic picture is crystal clear.

According to the new study, the Arab population there is more than 1.07.


The Jewish population, according to the State Department, prior to the evacuation was 7,500, which means the the percentage of Jews in Gaza was a fraction of 1 percent.

The dictators are always reelected with nearly 100 percent of the vote.



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