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LANSING – Larry Nassar’s federal child pornography convictions and the evidence that led to them can’t be used during his Ingham County sexual assault trial, a judge ruled Friday. Those two rulings were among the 13 she made during a hearing that lasted more than three hours, and among the handful that will be appealed.

She denied a request for Attorney General Bill Schuette to be held in contempt related to the enforcement of a gag order in connection with the case.Assistant Attorney General Angela Povilaitis pushed back against that point stronger than the others during the hearing, saying Denhollander spoke up publicly in an effort to stop what she assumed was continued sexual assaults by Nassar."The idea that she is somehow vilified for doing so is beyond offensive," Povilaitis said. They detailed their stories to the Indianapolis Star, a report that prompted dozens to report Nassar to police and prosecutors.Nassar, 54, faces 22 sexual assault charges in state courts and pleaded guilty earlier this year to three federal child pornography charges.Instead, think of sex education as an ongoing conversation.

Here are some ideas to help you get started — and keep the discussion going.However, Aquilina will allow prosecutors to call six additional women, in addition to those connected to the charges, who have said that Nassar sexually assaulted them. Additionally, one of the women connected to the Ingham County charges told police that Nassar was sexually aroused, something others have said as well.


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