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Try to eat when you’re hungry, and stop eating when you’re full.If you focus on keeping your diet nutritious, your weight gain should take care of itself.But there’s also a good chance that much of the advice you’ll hear during pregnancy about your weight gain isn’t true.Here’s the truth about the size of your baby bump and what to expect.


That's why I talked to young individuals around the world about how their relationships with their bodies affect their intimate experiences.

That’s partially because your muscles are weaker from previous pregnancies.

Your doctor will probably measure your belly at prenatal visits, starting around 20 weeks. It’s just another way of checking your baby’s growth.

On average, you’ll gain about 1 centimeter per week between your pubic bone and the top of your uterus.

If your measurements are off, your doctor might suggest an ultrasound to make sure baby’s growth is on track.For many women, pregnancy weight gain is hard to accept.


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