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Ned would be blowing his whistle announcing that "Bozo Circus is on the air"! As a former employee at WGN this has brought back some great memories, I actually worked with the Bozo crew as an usher in the seventies and really had a great time, now as a so called adult I really miss those days when it actually meant something to be from Puffluck, Kentucky and have a pet named Chelveston. Your Comment: BJ Fans: lookie here -- If you're interest in old Gigglesnort Hotel or Cartoon Town videos, check out "The Fun Company." Also, if you know of any other related Chicago Children's TV memorabilia, please let me know so I can list it.

I don't know why I still remember those few moments on TV so well but I will always remember that...... Your Comment: I was up in Chicago over the Thanksgiving holiday and wandered into the Museum of Broadcast Communications, and lo and behold found a videotape for sale of Mulqueen's "Kiddie-a-Go-Go!

This was when the show was on channel 26, which I believe is (was) WCIU-TV.

Of course, seeing the show now as an adult made me realize how goofy I must have looked in my nehru jacket and carnaby street hat! I still think Bob Bell, Ray Rayner, and Roy Brown (that's Cooky, right?

Thanks, Karen Your Comment: I am trying to create an extension to "The Library of Chicago Radio and Children's TV" including local professional wrestling and roller derby page. Some days if we ran faster than usual or our teachers would let us out a little early, we would always see Orion Samuelson (who I believe is still on WGN TV and Radio), who would have a 1 minute show called "Perspective" (I think).

And for some reason, the end of that show would always end by some announcer saying..."copies of this editorial available upon written request"...after that Mr.


I don't meet many people who have ever experienced the joy of watching someone win the Grand Prize Game.Russ Your Comment: Growing up in Chicago in the 70s,"Gigglesnort Hotel" is a surreal childhood memory, perhaps fueled so by a dose of sugary saturday treats and goodies- Seeing the photos of the characters gave me the willies and the shivering bits! Wasn't there some scary old war hero who lived in one of the rooms and put on his old unifrom from time to time?


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