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The 2004-05 school year saw three complaints, and in 2003-04 there was only one.” Obviously the parties to these relationships do not report to the appropriate authorities since it is likely that both parties to these relationships do not feel they need administrative regulation and do not feel that the administration is their to help them navigate thru the terrain of university life.However, USM administrator Daryl Mc Ilwain disagrees with my analysis, according to him “probably most issues are not reported, for fear of the grade or because they don’t want to cause problems for the faculty member or draw embarrassing attention to themselves.” However, the dankprofessor believes it is the fear of administrators such as Daryl Mc Ilwain which leads couples not to report.During his 35 years as a professor and four years as an in-residence grad student at the University of Wisconsin, he openly engaged in propinquitous (as in propinquity) dating, dating students and having many wonderful friendships with many of his students and their families.During his early years in academia he married the daughter of a professor in the Sociology Department at the University of Wisconsin. His wife, Henrietta, who he met when she was a student in one of his classes, passed away in 2015.


The dankprofessor is available for campus/class presentations on sexual politics in higher education.Such was the case even when there was a significant age differential.Not one parent objected to the fact that their daughter was dating a professor.In his earlier years, he wrote and pontificated on issues related to homosexuality and specifically on coming out and the development of a gay identity.

In 1977 he became famous/infamous for his LA Times article on the anti-homosexual campaign of Anita Bryant.Later he focused on interracial relationships and on student-professor relationships.


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