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The name was a way to hide and change who he was mentally. He is currently living in Hollywood, California and is straight. SD stands for scout dean (his gf at the time) He is the vocalist for Black Veil Brides and he is the only original member of Black Veil Brides.Now that he is so successful he does not need to have that name to hide behind anymore. His past girlfriends are actress Scout Compton and model Hanna Beth. Before Black Veil Brides he was in a band called Biersack. Not many people know the details because Andy and Scout are Smart enough to keep their private lives private so people won't be all up in their faces about it.I think that that was a smart decision on their part although many people are wondering, I suspect they do not want the details of their personal relationships spilled all over the Internet, for everyone to see and read.Hanna and Andy started talking and eventually him and scout broke up.Because Hanna Beth was just a slut for throwing herself all over Andy when he was with scout. Hanna Beth was also going out with Trace Cyrus when she met Andy. She has a new band obsession bi-weekly, all-inclusive of morbidly worshipping them, stalking their tweets, taking obsessive fan girl pictures sporting their merchandise, and spamming them for just one tweet of their attention. Tweet This girl added me on Myspace a long time ago and apparently she’s friends with Dahvie Vanity. ” No, you were just the only one in the crowd Scene’s dead hun, Let it go please, it was never a good look anyway.

This is a fail post but I could care less, I just wanted people to know how this bitch can be before you even talk to her, believe me, waste of time.

"Im disappointed that i didnt see how fake you were, or pay attention to the backstabbing you did in front of me.

I will rise up," Chris wrote along with a quote that read, "You are only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with so be brave enough to let go of those who keep weighing you down." Chris also posted a fan comment from after they got engaged that said their relationship is doomed.

Peter: "Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret." In an Instagram caption, she added, "Just cause you're angry, don't try and bring me down. Moving forward & moving on." She deleted that and a few tweets Thursday.


She’s also made claims of being a lesbian (100%, no boy, ever..although, she has a boyfriend now? ), and being 100% edge (no drugs, drinking, smoking, cussing, fucking). Is that a picture of her shamelesly flipping the bird? She’s edge, just like her best friend with the “Xx X” tattoo prominently across her chest, who’s default a few weeks ago was all inclusive to her holding a beer. She can swear she is internet famous bt she really isn’t.And she claims she is a virgin…you judge that youself.


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