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Throughout this journey, I never counted calories, fat grams, water intake, nor have I regularly stabbed my finger to see my sugar level.The only external measures I use to measure progress are a scale and my belt size.And then, a few months later, after you’ve failed, self loathed and binged a bit, go on another.This time, try kicking it off with a gym membership that you’ve given no thought about how to integrate into your life.Like most dieters, I never had confidence that diets would amount to anything other than short term gains.



After each attempt ended in failure, intense guilt and loathing soon followed.

The full range of solutions offered up for weight loss, regardless of the cost, simply do not work.

In 1980, 15% of the population was obese, with 1.3% morbidly obese.

I knew I had to do something, but I felt that yet another diet would lead me right back to where it always did — failure.

Instead, I decided to try a different route — I began to think about a gradual approach of changing my movement and eating habits toward a more healthier alternatives that I still enjoyed.

Even more incredible, I’ve accomplished all this while sustaining a broken foot in July 2014 that did not heal well enough to remove my cast until April 2015!



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