Updating psp m33 firmware


Downloading and installing the PSP® (Play Station®Portable) system software update will update your PSP® system's operating system to include the latest security patches, settings, features and other items.We encourage you to check this page from time to time for system software updates and to always maintain your system to use the latest version of the system software.PSP Slim & Lite users, however, have the option of utilizing a special USB Charge plugin, allowing the user to charge their PSP via the USB Cable without activating USB Mode.PSOne games can be played with better compatibility across both the Phat and Slim PSPs.Multi-disc games can also be played as long as they are converted properly using utilities like Pop Station MD.The Vsh Menu, a new addition to the M33 firmwares, allows users to quickly over/underclock their PSPs, change the ISO loader plugin used for backups, change the XMB USB Device (Memstick, Flash0, Flash1, etc), mount video ISOs, and reset the device.25 July 2007 Download This included all the features of 3.51 M33, and it moved up to the 3.52 firmware. Cam, GPS, and the sce Kernel Load Exec VSH working properly while in a game.Also, the compatibility of the NO-UMD mode was improved to allow games downloaded from the PSN to be played properly.

Also, the from PSX games didn't need the same game ID as the game itself for it to work.

In recovery, the "use isofs with UMD inserted" was stripped as it wasn't useful anymore.

Speeds of 20 MHz and 100 MHz were been added as option for underclocking the system.

This remained the basis for most of the future releases.


All of the 3.40 OE features still remain on the M33 Firmwares.

18 July 2007 Download This fixed bugs in the NO-UMD modes that were released the day before.



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