Intimidating sayings and quotes

He rose to eminence and attracted the jealousy of the princes of Babylon, who conspired against him by persuading King Darius to sign a restrictive decree that they accused Daniel of breaking by continuing to pray to God.

Character in a ballad by Henry Woodfall, published in 1735 and believed to refer to John Derby, to whom the writer was formerly an apprentice, and his wife.

The proper meaning of dead to the world is a religious one, describing the state of someone who has left worldly things to dedicate themself to God.

The history of this as an expression is obscure, but it only seems to have come into regular use in the 20th century.

It is very popular with sports journalists when a minor team has unexpectedly beaten a better-known one, but is also well used in other contexts. Some suggest that Davy is a corruption of the West Indian/African duppy or duffy, meaning a spirit or ghost.

Its name comes from the Portuguese doudo, meaning 'silly, stupid'.

There were two known species, one unique to each of the islands of Mauritius and Runion in the Indian Ocean.Additionally, the d and v suggest a possible corruption of Devil.


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