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It was Fiona who started to chat him up when they first met at a friend's wedding, Fiona who asked him out on their on a date and Fiona who eventually proposed marriage.


After a moment she felt Peter's head start to wriggle free. Not one inch Peter." Peter was startled at the severity of Fiona's tone.

As he struggled Fiona clamped tighter around his head. Fiona carefully controlled her releases, ensuring that he swallowed each mouthful before she continued. She was completely dominating him and it was really really turning her on.

At last she finished, and she lifted herself momentarily from his face allowing him to breathe properly.

They just knew how to please each other, using familiar techniques that always made them climax.


Fiona rubbed against his fingers, running her hands through his long black hair, biting his top lip and rolling him onto his back.

His lips were wet, but he had completed his task entirely to Fiona's satisfaction. " Peter used the tip of his tongue searching out the tiny beads of dew on her hair, feeling the textures, taking in the sweet mix of aromas, worshipping his beautiful wife.



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