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Some of these work cleverly, but they begin to wear us out: we know what's happening but we're not able to experience it ourselves.

Thankfully the dialogue has a witty present-day snap that brings the characters and the camaraderie between them to vivid life.

Continue reading: King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Review It's official; Guy Ritchie's 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' led by Charlie Hunnam is one of the biggest movie flops of the year to-date.

Reports suggest that the film will now gross just million in the US following its first three days; a huge fail when the film's production budget is around the 5 million mark.

Continue reading: Guy Ritchie's 'King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword' Is MAJOR Flop Arthur grew up as a peasant on the streets of Londonium having escaped the terror that was unleashed upon his father Uther Pendragon's kingdom when he was just a boy.

But despite growing up away from his royal roots, there was always something special about him; a determination and a willingness to stand up and fight no matter how big the enemy or how slim the chances of survival.

Continue reading: Who Is Forthcoming Disney Star Mena Massoud?


Meanwhile in Londinium, Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) has no idea who he really is.That all of this is leading to an epic confrontation is no surprise.But Ritchie oddly frames each action sequence as a splintered montage, which means we're only ever watching a series of key images with no momentum or context.This means that if 'King Arthur' is to make its money back - including marketing costs not factored into the production budget - it will have to make around 0 million more across the world.

In short, Warner Bros are looking likely to have egg on their face when all is said and done with this flick.Written by John August, with Dan Lin serving as producer and Guy Ritchie as director, will come Disney's live-action version of their classic film 'Aladdin', currently aiming for a release date in mid-2019.


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