Single pastor dating

Sometimes women are the victims, sometimes they are the victimizers.Many a pastor has paid the ultimate price for sexual sins.



This veteran teacher of preachers held forth in classrooms at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary for many years.If temptation would tell the truth, no minister would ever succumb to its enticements.If the allurement to commit adultery would adhere to a “truth in advertising” code, the “full disclosure” would read something like this: “Subject needs to understand that by crossing this line and entering into a sexual relationship with this person, the minister will be despising His Lord, delighting the enemy, violating his marriage vows, disappointing everyone who ever believed in him from his youth until now, destroying his family, and ending his ministry..” No one would ever commit adultery if he was required to sign that!Avoiding “the appearance of evil” is always a good principle (I Thessalonians ). This one has a particular allurement to the minister whose relationship with his wife has grown stale.

This really is the woman the Proverb-writer describes.

If she cannot worm her way into your life any other way, look for her to befriend your wife and begin showing up in your home on a regular basis. Maybe not the most beautiful woman in the world, but all things considered–her looks, her personality, her laughter, her spirituality, and a few other qualities that defy description–she is everything you ever wanted in a woman. You wonder if she does not pick up on all the vibrations your body is sending out. The problem is you keep being drawn to her and thrown with her (committees, work projects, etc). Pastor Ed Young of Houston’s Second Baptist Church told some of us pastors once that we should not counsel at all.


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