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Thanks for all the encouragement and genuineness, you made a big difference to our lives anyway. It was my 3rd introduction with the agency so I had some idea of what to expect.

I was a little nervous on our 1st introduction but I soon relaxed and started to enjoy meeting X that day.

Twos Company are proud be to accredited with the Association of British Introduction Agencies (ABIA).



We are so grateful to you for helping us find each other.They are great listeners and appreciate your life story.There is huge emphasis on positive communication, including feedback and ongoing support.When we met for the first time but I knew enough to decide that a 2nd date would give us both a chance to be more relaxed and get to know each other better without the nerves!

Hi Jennifer, I would like to say a huge thank you to you for introducing me to the most wonderful man in the whole world.

Xxx and I are very discreet and have not explained to anyone exactly how we met, but please rest assured that we will recommend Two's Company.


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