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Deficiencies arise when there is lack of any vitamins. Symptoms can initially be so mild as to be undetectable.When symptoms become obvious, health may have been affected for some time.Among them, herbal medicines have a substantial place.These plants are mainly used to reduce adverse effects of anticancer treatments and for specific anticancer properties.Vitamin D deficiency has been shown to impair proper function of insulin- producing cells possibly leading to type 2 diabetes.Studies also suggest a link between lack of vitamin D in early life with later onset of type 1 diabetes.Our review shows that only few clinical data support medicinal plants effectiveness in cancer patients.Arguments rely mainly on usual indications and pharmacological data for minimization of treatments toxicity while for the anticancer properties, on epidemiological and preclinical data.


European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, 2003; 1-159.

Notre revue de la littérature scientifique met en évidence le peu de données cliniques supportant l’efficacité de plantes médicinales dans ce cadre.


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