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On the group's current answerphone message, Lehava praises 'Avihay Bakery', saying 'finally they fired the Arab who bothered the Jews'.This and other activities amount to incitement to violence, argue critics.Racist extremists who set up a 'hotline' to inform on Jews in a relationship with 'Arabs' and who targeted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg are openly peddling hate and violence - but the Israeli government won't act.Lehava, a radical fringe group in Israel, hunts down people sleeping with 'goys' - or non-Jews '- then 'persuades' them to separate, attacks Christians as 'vampires' and 'bloodsuckers' and is justifying attacks on churches using the Bible.


However, when asked whether he thought Christian places of worship can remain in the holy land, Mr Gopstein said that 'All the big rabbis in Halacha (religious laws in the Torah), including Rambam,say there's no place for churches in Israel.' The area where Gopstein says he wants ' to do more' is in the volatile tinderbox compound where the Al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock shrine stand in the Old City Jerusalem, known as 'Temple Mount' by Jews and 'Haram al Sharif' by Muslims.On the night that the 16-year-old Palestinian teenager Mohammad Abu Khdeir was kidnapped, beaten and burned alive in a Jerusalem forest as the Israel-Gaza war raged in the summer of 2014, Lehava and other activists were out on the streets of Jerusalem, spouting racist and violent propaganda, Giora, an activist from 'Talking in the Square' says.'In the summer of 2014, they used to shout 'death to Arabs', but the police told them it's illegal.In August 2015, just two months after an arson attack on the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes, Mr Gopstein was summoned by the police after telling a religious conference that attacks on Christian churches were legitimate due to an edict attributed to the 12th century Jewish philosopher, Maimonides.


Just before Christmas, he also published an article in which he referred to Christians living in Israel as 'vampires' and 'blood suckers', and Christianity as an 'accursed religion,' adding that 'Christmas has no place in the Holy Land', Haaretz reported.'The Christian is no longer considered a threatening vampire, rather a pleasant, friendly tourist and partner in the Western culture that dominates our lives,' The Times of Israel reported Gopstein as writing.

In a recording of the hotline obtained by Mail Online this week, the group has dropped the specific demand for informers and instead advertises martial arts seminars for the training of the 'Jewish Honour Guard'.


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