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"That is no different than if somebody wants to open a shoe store or a Tim Hortons. It's the same thing." With a license, a sex trade worker can operate as an escort or work at a licensed massage parlours in Saskatoon.Trish Fisher hires many licensed women at her business, The Lion's Den, which she candidly describes as a "brothel" — a place where the women who work for her exchange sex for money."So, whatever happens out there, there's a real world out there, and if things are not happening according to the law, well, we're not licensing that.We're licensing the legal part of it." Regina also has a bylaw dealing with adult services although Regina's version appears to be unenforced when it comes to massage parlours.


She said licensing is the best thing that's happened to her industry, calling it a partnership with police and the city."On paper, in our file, they're not operating a brothel until somebody goes out and finds out they are," Alan Wallace, Saskatoon's director of planning and development, said."That's usually a police matter." "We only license what they say they're going to do and we only evaluate it against what's legal and what's not," he said.Saskatoon's Adult Services Licensing Bylaw says such establishments should be in the industrial zoned areas.

(Map by Andre Mougeot/CBC) "Under the current bylaw provisions, we processed no applications for a massage parlour," Searle told CBC's i Team.The sex trade is booming in both Regina and Saskatoon, but the two cities have taken surprisingly different approaches to addressing the phenomenon.


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