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He kicked off Buoy Nights the first weekend in April. “There’s so much shit going on in this world right now, people just want to go out and have a good time.If I can be that place, I’ll be that place.”But the club scene isn’t for everyone, pointed out Lillian Schon, who recently started hosting a singles mixer at The Inn on Main in Westhampton Beach, which she has owned with her husband, Bill, for the last eight years.“It’s springtime, and love is in the air,” she said while working on a client’s hairdo at Lillian’s Hair Salon & Spa, which she also owns and has run for 18 years. Schon said she has heard many a love story, but not all of them have happy endings, which is one of the reasons for the mixer, she said.“What people tell me stays in the salon, it doesn’t go anywhere, but there are a lot of widows and divorced clients of mine who hate the bars and the clubs, and so we decided to start this mixer,” she said.It was undoubtedly their worst display in seven games under Unsworth, more embarrassing than when a weakened team lost 5-1 at home to Atalanta in the Europa League on Thursday.Unsworth’s record is five defeats, one win and 20 goals conceded. However, I do think that this project will be a no-go sad flop, which is a shame. No one with any class goes to a nightclub to watch a DJ fall asleep, 4 drunk housewives fall over each other on the floor while dancing, or a bunch of middle aged dudes play beer pong.Go to the Patio- in Westhampton Village- they know how to do it right."I went in for the kill and said: “Could we meet again for coffee?


The pianist even stopped playing, so I put a CD on and they stayed.

They don’t care who’s looking, they just come out and have a good time.”Mr.

Pollifrone, who also owns Buoy One in Riverhead, opened the Westhampton Beach restaurant last December, he reported. Eleven years ago, he started the same idea at 75 Main in Southampton, he said, and by August of the inaugural year, it was the place to be, he said.“People like to have fun,” he said.

By Michelle Trauring The Hamptons nightlife scene has a reputation that’s star-studded and crawling with 20-something-year-olds, even though that image couldn’t be further from the actual demographic on the East End.


But in the midst of the dance clubs that cater to the young, there are several up-and-coming hot spots that have just opened here, which might be of interest for those East Enders who are young at heart but not a few years removed from their teens.Single Jo, of Edgware, North London, says: "Not only will I make the first move on a guy, I’ll also make the first move when it comes to sex. "I would like a proper relationship and I do most of my hunting on dating websites. She has been in a relationship with Matt, 27, a diver, for a year.


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